The Penny Has Dropped

As we approach the first anniversary of GDPR, the predicted avalanche of Subject Access Requests (SAR) from people wanting to access their personal data appears not to be the case, as yet. The furore of “not more compliance”, in the form of GDPR and the new privacy rules has reduced significantly as more hacking is discovered and other deceitful practises that gain access to our private information are revealed.

There is now a growing awareness of the need to comply with the regulation even within the SME sector who are often dragged reluctantly towards compliance, however we all know controls are necessary particularly when it is related to our personal information.

If the SAR levels increase (even incrementally), will we remember what the consultants or internal trainers told us to do now that they have left the building?

Having worked within the compliance arena since the mid-90’s, we were requested by our clients to develop a simple, process workflow that simplified administration of the regulation. If you have responsibilities within GDPR, we have produced a (slightly) detailed video which is not for the faint hearted as it is 4 minutes long…short attention spans need not apply.