BusinessPort Q1 2019 Update

Agility System Improvements: The regular improvements to the Agility System software continues with our twice yearly Client Forum which is enthusiastically attended by clients. These sessions provide a rich source of highly valuable feedback on system performance that are reviewed by our Change Board and on selection, are then included in the forthcoming Strategic Plan.  Democracy in action!

GDPR: Many in the data protection field have been waiting to see whether the ICO would ‘show its teeth’ by complying with their own regulation and issue large, draconian fines for data breaches. Since the introduction of the GDPR eight months ago and with the first fines now being issued, the ICO appear to be ‘walking the talk’ after years of attempts to regulate the industry.

For the more mature readers… after hearing a comment recently that GDPR will be ‘like the Y2K bug’, recent evidence suggests it is here to stay.

One of Silicon Valley’s big hitters, Google, were fined 50m Euros recently for not being explicit when collecting consent and in another case, Google’s Android, Facebook’s Instagram and WhatsApp are being challenged on the grounds of forced consent. There is now a growing number of decisions emerging that if the penalties are consistent, there will be a paradigm shift particularly in the industry that manages personal data. With the expectation of a significant increase in staff, ex-employees and customers submitting access requests, our new offering will save time and resources in the administration of the GDPR, particularly in closing out SAR’s.

One of the elements within Agility’s GDPR module is the Subject Access Request (SAR) process, which is now being offered within the Agility System and will be included in any new installations. This module is also available on the `Agility Lite` stand-alone system.

Projects: Following the acquisition of a Scandinavian Oil Operator from a major French operator, we have completed the migration of all their management system content from a legacy application into the Agility System. The project involved document re-branding and a ‘lift and shift’ into the new structure.

Following on from the Agility System installation at one of our multi-national client offices in Houston, Texas, we have completed a number of other software installations and delivered a considerable amount of process consultancy and system health checks in a range of different industries, such as  in international parking management, equipment manufacturing, oil & gas operations, nuclear and subsea construction. The year has got off to a busy start!

Website: As it’s a new year, we have updated our website in order to provide more detailed information on why having a centralised Business Management System helps you gain more control of your organisational responsibilities, operational processes and multi standard compliance to ensure governance; now that you are here, why not have a look around?