Agility Workflow

Automate your processes.  Integrated Solution for your Management System

Agility Workflow

One Automated Tool. Many advantages.

The BPM software allows you to seamlessly automate user actions, processes, approvals and requests to maximise efficiency, maintain compliance of all standards and regulations and minimise risk.   

Select from a range of Quality, Health & Safety, Environmental, HR Modules and more.  The workflow tool offers pre-designed modules to manage a wide range of activities more effectively as they remove the dependence on fragmented spreadsheet and document registers.

Click here for more on Agility Workflow, which includes a representative example of the core modules, as well as other key benefits of utilising the software.

Process Automation - Complimentary to ERP

Automation offers smarter working by improving quality & reliability and reducing costs.

While a full ERP implementation can be expensive to deploy, the Agility Workflow enhances the processes that reside out-with ERP by leveraging connections to the underlying systems, web services, data sources, business rules & SLAs and redirects the information to portals, web and mobile applications.

There are numerous benefits to automating business processes:

  • Optimise processes to remove duplication & poor work practises
  • Automate repeatable work practices: save time & resources
  • View real-time statistics on performance to aid decision-making
Agility Workflow

Individual Dashboards to reflect performance

Providing personalised real-time information from a dashboard containing statistics on all activities in numerous formats.  Receive instant information by way of e-mail or text to inform you of organisation-wide incidents.

Efficient and Compliant

Replacing activities that require manual intervention with process automation will eliminate human errors, drive consistency of delivery and minimise resources to reduce costs.  If your processes are repetitive, labour intensive and require accuracy without human error, Agility Workflow can manage integration & interactions seamlessly between systems, applications and programs.

  • Increased efficiency of operations, less resources needed
  • The consistent approach improves quality & reliability
  • Governance maintained by integrating risk controls & compliance
  • Lower costs through adoption of `best practise`
Agility Workflow

Mobile Friendly Apps

Apps operate in any browser, on any device with mobile apps allowing users to take processes ‘out of the office and into the field’.

Ideal for data gathering in remote locations with low connectivity, Agility Workflow provides the ability to access data, gather information on Audits, Production Surveys, & Risk Assessments and issue email notifications.

Enterprise Wide Automated Processes

The enterprise-wide feature guides users to access generic or corporate processes and workflows that drive a standardised approach to operational work practises across the organisation. Similarly, site-specific processes provide focused content based on the user's location.

Benefits include:

  • Access site specific information quickly
  • Increase ownership of content
  • Individual home screens per location reflect site-specific operating model
Agility System

Agility System

The system integrates people, process, documents, risks & compliance to provide a “single source of the truth”