agility assurance

Ensuring Cyber Security Compliance and removing the administrative burden of GDPR

Simplifying Data Protection

There is now a growing awareness that maintaining ongoing compliance for IT and data security needs to be at the forefront of management responsibilities.

This awareness is demonstrated by an increase in companies seeking certification or accreditation for data and IT systems to ensure you have the processes and procedures in place and active, just like any other ISO standard.

 In Agility Assurance BusinessPort has over 20 years ISO compliance experience, automated processes to demonstrate compliance for ongoing certification, unique automated GDPR administration, in house or cloud based solution, cost effective licensing, deployment and support.

Maintain Compliance to GDPR

Once the Consultants / Trainers complete the project, managing spreadsheets, e-mails and actions manually can prove to be costly in terms of resources and time.

Automated workflow removes the paper chase and hassle of closing out Subject Access Requests. (SAR's)

Automation simplifies the process by ensuring repeatability, consistency and minimising user resources.


Map Personal Data Efficiently.

Our Agility GDPR module provides the capability to map, visualise and manage the processing of personal data efficiently.

The module is user-friendly, and guides the DPO's and DPA's through a Process Workflow to ensure full Compliance with the regulation.

What can Agility Assurance do for me?

  • Reduces costs and effort by ensuring ongoing Compliance with standards
  • Minimises dependencies on individual expertise and training
  • All documentation centralised, controlled and available for use by relevant roles
  • Measurement and reporting to manage activity and use
  • Quick and effective response to incidents, audits, and maintenance of certification
  • Allows proof of compliance for clients and insurance
  • Differentiates from competitors
Agility Assurance
Agility System

Agility System

The system integrates people, process, documents, risks & compliance to provide a “single source of the truth” 

Agility Workflow

Agility Workflow

Powerful workflow connects applications, systems and people, highlighting risk and compliance through BPM