Agility Systems Workflow

We are pleased to announce our partnership with ExcelPoint who specialise in automated workflow and have clients in industries such as Healthcare, Water Treatment and Utilities. We are currently integrating their BPM engine into the Agility System and have been hugely impressed by the increase in functionality available.

Agility Systems Automated Workflow

Termed the Agility Systems Workflow, by the end of April we will be offering clients the ability to develop automated workflows, review performance stats, join up data repositories and implement a high degree of business process automation, all of which can be developed easily without any coding required.


The Agility Systems Workflow is “Responsive”, meaning the output will operate in any browser on virtually any device and the system will respond to the size of device the user has and is therefore ideal for mobile workers in Energy, Offshore, Marine, and Construction industries. 


Users with no data connectivity can output mobile apps for the three main Operating Platforms; Windows Mobile, Apple’s iOS and Android – at the push of a button. Extending the “no coding required” to stand-alone mobile working takes data capture and information processing into remote areas and challenging environments but allows these stand-alone apps to be part of the corporate workflow which is fully integrated with the main system and any automation that it provides.


From PC’s, Mac’s and Unix Workstations to Tablet devices and Smartphones, the Agility Systems Workflow offers flexibility to the business. Mobile access to information such as surveys, asset management inspections, risk assessments or audits can be captured by the Agility Systems Workflow to save time and cost.


We are happy to arrange web demos of the Agility System including the Automated Workflow tool. Contact Us for a Web Demo or Register for our weekly webinar. 


Peter Shields

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