Agility System


Simplifying your Processes

Moving from traditional text to adopting the Process-based approach will simplify the complexity of the instructions you provide to your workforce. The Agility System contains a powerful Process Mapping Tool to provide clarity over "who does what, when and where". Providing greater transparency of operational activities will improve efficiency and ultimately performance.

Key attributes

■  Create Process Maps quickly, remove waste & duplication
■  Align Processes with organisational roles & responsibilities
■  Remove inefficient practises to Improve Performance
■  Link to external repositories (Documentum, Livelink or SharePoint)
■  Integrate Risk Controls & Compliance within the process


Document Management

The Agility System’s Document Management System captures, manages, shares sand secure information within the company.

Centralised control removes the chaos of folder structures and fragmented document repositories by providing a robust and secure repository for all documents.

Our Document Manager utilises full document lifecycle and allows trained in-house Administrators to automate the creation of each document, configure a sequence of notifications approvers, reviewers and determine document archiving.

Key attributes

■  Task Manager prompts document notifications directly to individual
■  Powerful full text Search/Keyword functionality to retrieve content
■  View, read and acknowledge documents in remote locations while offline
■  Reporting features provide content rich information on document performance
■  Seamless Integration with Livelink/Documentum and SharePoint
■  Mandatory acknowledgement for critical documents


Records Management

Records Management is a comprehensive function delivered within the Agility System.  The System has used the most stringent standard for Records Management and applies to all industries.

A record is defined as an item type that cannot be altered once created (declared), and is attributed to the person who has created the record, and non-repudiated, and can be retained for a delcared period of time prior to formal disposal or further retention.

Key attributes

■  Creation & Approval of Records
■  Retention & Disposal of Records
■  Records Confidentiality with full Encryption
■  Electronic Signature
■  Record date & time 'stamp'


Compliance Management

Having a highly visual, centralised view of Compliance simplifies the complexity of multi-standard Compliance. Increased visibility manages the complex framework of multiple regulatory demands to ensure your workforce never mention the phrase,”Oh I didn’t know that” !

The Compliance Manager supports the overall corporate Governance Strategy and provides a centralised view of Compliance and of each individual demand.

Key attributes

■  Increased visibility manages the complex framework of multiple regulatory demands
■  Transparency ensures clarity of individual responsibilities
■  Tree-structure navigator highlights compliance obligations
■  Highest level of visibility to each standard / regulation / policy


Risk Management

The Risk Management component is a powerful tool that provides the user has visibility of where risk lies within a business process.

The Agility System provides links to risks within a process map, with the ability to create and manage Risk Objectives, Controls and Profiles in order to manage the mitigation of all risks to your business.

Key attributes

■  Greater visibility and awareness of individual risks
■  Designing Risk Profiles per function ( Health & Safety, Operations, Environment, Finance etc)
■  Providing a more integrated approach to Risk Management
■  Transparency of departmental/project risks

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