Agility System

Specialists in transforming tired, overblown document based repositories into easy to access  lean management systems.

Helping large organisations and SME's manage process, documents & compliance.  With the new demands of Home Working - Access to Key Documents is King!

It's easier to Change Using Technology than ever before

With the bulk of the workforce home working due to the pandemic, and with the expectation of shorter lockdowns continuing intermittently for many months, transforming from the traditional document-based framework is becoming essential to maintain product and customer services levels.

Agility software is an integrated product that combines the best attributes of a Document Management, Quality Management, Business Process Management and Compliance Management into one integrated system resulting in highly efficient use of company instructions and less duplication.  The system allows makes it easier for the workforce to understand their responsibilities.

This comprehensive model centralises key company information to deliver :

  • Optimised business processes
  • Centrally managed documents (full life-cycle) removing fragmented folder structures
  • Greater visibility of the compliance obligations across all standards including GDPR regulation.

Many companies are now recognising the expense and inefficiency of purchasing multiple products within the area of Operations, QHSE & Compliance.  For example, the Audit Module and Non Conformances are seamlessly integrated into the management system.

From a Safety Management system perspective, Incident Management controls Near Miss, Accidents & Incidents.  Agility offers one proven product capable of guiding the workforce into delivering efficient work practises while providing management with the performance results of their particular discipline.

With Covid-19 requiring the majority of the workforce to work remotely, Agility in the Cloud provides secure access to the key guidance documents required to maintain both performance and compliance. When the re-certification auditors appear, working from home will not be an excuse for cutting corners…  

Ultimately Agility will help your organisation increase efficiency & performance, streamline your operational processes & provide best guidance to all levels of the organisation….what’s not to like!

The Sum of the Parts

Our core product, the Agility System, combines powerful elements to simplify the complex.

Enterprise Wide Navigation

Allows for information to be delivered to users in a focused manner based on their location, including regions, offices, remote sites, projects or initiatives.

Visual Swim Lane Maps

Create Visual Process Maps in minutes & approve via automated Document Review functionality. 10x faster than using Visio or SharePoint.  The swimlane diagram aids continuous improvement and Kaizen methodology by creating lean processes.

Automated Process Workflow

Remove duplication, reduce paper-handling, & increase efficiencies in a repeatable, measurable manner, saving costs & maintaining compliance. 

GDPR administration

Simplifies GDPR compliance by centralising all actions (including SAR’s) using Workflow.

Performance dashboard

Real-time performance is achieved through dashboards that can be customised to the organisational KPI's and departmental objectives to influence decision making.

Risk Control

To mitigate the effects of the risk management process, the mitigation controls are integrated within each activity to reduce an identified risk or fully neutralise.  This integrated model simplifies the control of risk across the organisation through its flexible and highly visual deployment.

QHSE Modules

Tailored QHSE modules delivered within days.  We offer 5 Modules initially - Audit & CA, NCR, Training & Competency, HAZOP and Incident Management.  Each module has performance measured and KPI's reposted automatically.

Documents & Records Management

Fully Automated Document Workflow maintains full compliance of all artefacts and provides visibility of adhering to standards and regulations.

Mobile Friendly

Access Everywhere – From automated processes and audit inspections including Incident Reporting and other QHSE data gathering, our QHSE Modules are mobile friendly & link to Performance Dashboards.

Compliance Manager

Increasing visibility of multi-standard Regulatory Compliance by simplifying the ongoing complexity of the obligations.

Roles And Responsibilities

Roles and Responsibilities – Clarity of roles & responsibilities within the organisation…`no hiding place`

Enterprise Feature

The Enterprise-wide architecture provides quick access to relevant information, regardless of your location.

Business Models can be configured using BusinessPort's flagship product, Agility System, to access Corporate Processes to drive consistency and best practise. 

Centralising the distribution of your safety management system, incident management system or quality management system across all areas of your business provides the following:

  • Less duplication
  • Autonomy for remote work sites
  • Controlled within the centralised system
  • Increases Process ownership

Product Support & Services


With years of project experience across many business sectors, our Business Analysts & Business Architects provide expert support to maximise the value of the Process-based approach within the following:

  • Business Process Management
  • Quality Management
  • Compliance Management
  • Health and Safety
  • Risk Management
  • Incident Management

We have extensive experience in the transformation of traditional text-driven procedures to a fully process-based framework.  Some of the core activities are listed below…

  • Transformation – Restructuring tired document-centric systems into a digital process framework that remove waste and prioritise core documents
  • Discovery Exercise - Identifying key documents & 'Strategy to Task' Business Models / Process Overviews to simplify navigation
  • System Governance - Structuring the system efficiently, managing administration process & creating governance frameworks
  • Process Mapping - Streamlining Process by removing waste, poor practise & duplication
  • Health Checks - Validating system structure, content, processes & effectiveness of Compliance frameworks

software support

With the required technical experience in infrastructure and database administration, we are able to provide a dedicated, comprehensive package to support system improvement:

  • Operational and Technical Support Help Guides
  • Secure access to the client Support Portal
  • Up to 3 Agility version upgrades in year
  • Membership of our collaborative Agility User Group to influence future product development


Training can be arranged for remote sessions within an interactive, collaborative online environment.  All our courses are delivered remotely by our highly competent trainers, with a Full System Administration course (2 days) and Document Administration course available (1 day). A general understanding of MS Office is sufficient for each course.

Once the pandemic restrictions are relaxed, we have more options such as training on your premises or having an away day or two at BusinessPort's offices.

over 100,000 worldwide users - 1000's of Processes - Guiding the workforce to deliver best practice

Combining the core elements of Process, Documents, Risk and Compliance within a centralised Management System enabling users to access information through Enterprise-wide graphical navigation. 

Supported by robust, fully automated Document Management, Visual Swim-Lane Process Maps can be automated quickly to streamline activities and remove inefficiency.  All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.

Training Room


"With home working now being `the new normal`, customers still expect the same product quality.  Service delivery can be challenging if your document system is creaking at the seams.

The Agility Document & Process software is 'ready to go' and allows you to centralise all documents in a proven secure Cloud hosted system. Our remote processes can get your documents loaded, access controls set and administration staff trained in days…..less stress, better access and with flexible terms to suit SME's to large organisations.

If interested, please contact us."

Powerful Process-based Software to Simplify the Complexity of Today's Business

Agility Workflow

Agility Workflow

BusinessPort's new offering connects applications, systems and people, highlighting risk and compliance through BPM

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