Making GDPR Compliance Easier

Agility GDPR reduces handling of multiple spreadsheets by:

■  Centralising control of all actions within the one system
■  Tailoring Processes to reflect individual practises
■  Using the Performance dashboard to provide information
■  Automating responses to SARs

What resources will be required to maintain your documentation?

The tool allows effective document control to ensure on-going compliance with minimum input

How to keep communications current and employees informed?

Agility GDPR will automatically display current policies, changes and useful information to all employees

Are you confident you can respond to sporadic incidents and requests?

The tools unique data mapping ensures you are ready to respond instantly with minimum effort

How do you demonstrate on-going compliance, even if nothing happens?

The software ensures you can demonstrate compliance with all requirements at any time if questioned

Removing the Paper Hassle

To reduce paper handling and ease the burden of manual transactions, the GDPR tool has to ensure all actions are centrally controlled within the one system.

Processes can be tailored to map, visualise and manage the processing of personal data efficiently with the performance dashboard providing information on-demand.


Agility GDPR


Providing the assurance that GDPR regulations are constantly being met.

  • Process Map structures simplifies actions
  • Clarifies individual responsibilties (Data Controllers & Processors)
  • Highest level of transparency to `who does what where & when'
  • Supports corporate governance within the company
  • Provides greater awareness with the laws of Data Protection
  • Confidence provided through records management & auditability
  • The system is hosted within a Tier 1 Data Centre
  • Training is web-based & ongoing product support / advice provided
  • Access to collaborative Support Portal
  • Ongoing support provided by videos on system functionality
  • Provides centralised control of actions
  • Simplifies ongoing administration
  • Saves time & resources when administering the regulation
  • System can be used for multi-standard ISO compliance
  • Automated workflow removes the hassle of paper chasing

how to simplify gdpr administration

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