Minimise disruption by smarter home working

BusinessPort provides secure cloud-hosted Document & Process Management software to help remote workers continue to deliver their work practises while maintaining compliance.

The Agility platform supports business continuity by centralising key information to ensure your business operates at pre-pandemic efficiency levels.

Continued Document Access in the 'New Norm'

Our software manages documents full life-cycle - but it does much more.  It provides a secure document platform accessible to all disciplines to help guide efficient work.

Centralising all documents & artefacts provides secure access and will remove the frustration of fragmented folder structures
Take the opportunity to restructure process & procedures content if heavily text-based

Simplify instructions with simple to understand maps
Clarify job descriptions and make compliance requirements more visible... all combined within one integrated system

Transitioning from office to home working needs to be seamless therefore consistency is key to service delivery
Previous labour intensive activities can be fully automated by Process Automation

Secure cloud-hosted access, 1 day administration training, remote file transfer, access rights arranged, good to go!
System population done internally or migrated by us can take all content from your current document repository into a pre-set navigator to give confidence to all stakeholders of 'business as usual`

Provides the ideal platform for your remote workforce to maintain proven processes & compliance standards

Our Agility software supports business continuity by providing secure (Cloud-based) access for employees

Smarter home working will continue to drive high levels of service delivery

What makes Agility System different?

Remote Working Productivity

Locations may be changed to home working but the standards your customers expect remains the same. Agility ensures centralised documents are available to home workers during this challenging time.

Enterprise-wide Access

Your Documents & Processes are provided for all employees regardless of location, essential for ongoing compliance.

Maintaining Service

Isolated home working can effect performance, however the Agility System encourages collaboration in the `new normal` work environment.

Managing Documents

Documents are sent for review and approval using the automated workflow , set review dates as well as versioning and full document history:

Document workflow – electronically managing from generation to the final approval
An effective feedback process from users
Periodic Review scheduled to ensure continued relevance
Full document reporting functions
Hit counters identify document usage
Performance Dashboards with export feature to Microsoft Excel and PDF
Bulk document transfer ensures documents remain owned

Cost Saving During the Crisis

With every business across every sector feeling the effects of the Coronavirus and looking to cut costs, ...
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Providing the Workforce with Easy to Understand Instructions

Quick Access – Accessing the right document / swimlane diagram / procedure / SOP is easy with Graphical Business Models and Process Overviews

Simplification – Restructure the dull format of `Purpose, Scope, Responsibilities etc..` Transform the turgid text into the highly visible Swim-lane Process Map format that will:

- simplify the sequence of activities
- provide clarity on individual responsibilities
- identify cross-departmental processes
- identify risk mitigation & highlight Compliance Obligations

Maintaining Compliance – Now more than ever you need your workforce to comply with internal controls and regulatory compliance

We can arrange a 1-2-1 web demo, here is what to expect:

No strings attached
Turn up with headphones and listen... and learn about keeping your home working employees on track with maintaining work practises & compliance obligations.

How we help companies during the lockdown
Our remote processes can set up your document system in a day providing instant access to a Cloud hosted Document & Process System for your workforce

Learn about our cost model
We can advise on the most cost-effective deployment strategy

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The Sum Of The Parts

The powerful combination of document process & compliance functionality provides a comprehensive 'one stop shop' of information to simplify the complexity of information and provide easy to understand access to key documents that support operational delivery while mantaining compliance.

As more standards and regulations are issued, managing compliance is costly.  The array of management controls contained within Agility help your workforce to comply with your regulatory obligations, including GDPR regulations.

Where other providers supply multiple stand-alone products within the QHSE space, one integrated Business Management System (iBMS) offers more functionality and less cost.  

Agility manages Documents, Process, Risk Controls & Compliance in one integrated system. With robust document governance and graphical modeller, business models and end to end processes guide the user to the correct document.  The system can be installed in-house using remote process technology or hosted in the Cloud and contains the following functionality:

  • Full-cycle Document & Records Management
  • Process Map Generator
  • Integrated Risk Control
  • Compliance Navigator
  • Graphical Modelling Capability
  • Administration Performance Dashboard

Agility Workflow can be installed separately or as a bolt-on to `turbo charge` your management system.  The systems functionality is improved by providing the ability to replace labour intensive routines with automated Workflow.  We also offer a range of modules which can be provided individually:

  • Process Automation Capability
  • QHSE modules including Audit/NCR, Incident Management & Training & Competency
  • Performance Dashboard
  • Risk Assessment & more…

Compilance Navigator

Providing greater visibility of compliance obligations

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Process Automation

Transform static processes & forms into Automated Workflows

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Audit / NCR

Mobile-friendly Auditing for remote locations

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Incident Management

Raise Incident, Accident, Near Miss instantly

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Training & Competency

Manage your people’s personal records in one system

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Document & Records Management

Secure document repository with automated life-cycle

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GDPR Data Administration

Locating personal data quickly

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Risk Control

Identify risk mitigation within process

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Graphical Modeller

Creating Business Models & Process Overviews to simplify navigation

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Swim Lane Process Maps

Quick to build with integrated risk controls & easy to understand

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“Having universal access to our management system content online, plus being able to use the full functionality of the administration suite, has enhanced our ability to work remotely from home.”

Business Systems and Information Security Manager, Interserve Construction



Home working is now essential and possibly here to stay.  However, are you providing your customers with the same level of product quality and service delivery?

 If your documents are difficult to locate, possibly due to storing in complicated folder structures, the Agility Document & Process software is `ready to go` and allows you to centralise all documents in a proven, secure Cloud hosted system.

Documents can be loaded, access controls set and administration staff trained in days…..less stress to manage, increases efficiency and comes with flexible terms…….If interested in a proven, sustainable approach, click below."