Controlling Risk

Controlling Risk may well be at management level, however risk mitigation occurs more at the production floor level.  People are informed of risk within process clearly and unambiguously. (As required by the Quality and Environmental standards)



To remain successful and competitive, controlling Risk is crucial to maintaining a company’s overall Governance.

With the demands of risk increasing in complexity in both the public and private sectors, the Agility System acts as a central repository to identify and mitigate Risk activities to each discipline.


Meeting Risk Standards

With the abundance of Risk standards (ISO 31000, 9001, 96000 and more) a co-ordinated Risk Framework supported by Records Management needs to support the Risk strategy.


How Agility assists the workforce

The Agility System provides greater visibility to the individual discipline Risk Profiles within the organisation, and importantly drives the mitigation activities into each process where the workforce can be made aware of their responsibilities.


Risk Management Benefits

  • Greater visibility of Risk Mitigation activities
  • Risk controls embedded in Process
  • Highlighting Risk within individual responsibilities
  • Determining Risk profile per discipline
  • Align Risk Profile from high level policies to production floor
  • Reduce the cost of Compliance Management