Are you looking for a process based ISO 9001 Compliant Management System?

Agility Workflow – Why Automate Process?

Agility Workflow automates Processes to improve productivity by removing waste and duplication to maximise efficiency and ultimately reduce costs.


Efficient & Compliant

Replacing low-cost manual tasks with process automation uses less resources and importantly manages risk and records compliance.


Return on Investment

Replace low value, labour intensive Processes with automation that will improve overall operational efficiency.


Mobile Apps / Workflow

The Workflow element of Agility has the capability of allowing easy access to data through mobile apps, approving tasks via email notifications and gathering information on Audits, Production Surveys and Risk Assessments.


Process Management – Key attributes

  • Automation labour intensive processes to remove waste & duplication
  • Minimise Risk and ensure Compliance is achieved
  • Web enabling existing information, providing access across the organisation
  • Rapid – Time to Market, less overheads, improved performance through real-time statistics
  • Put control back into the hands of the business rather than the IT Dept or Technologists

With the proven Agility Workflow platform, digital transformation can be accelerated by seamlessly orchestrating your disciplines, processes, data and mobile devices.


Visual Process Mapping

The Agility System simplifies the complexity of multi‐tiered document systems and brings high levels of transparency to the organisation.

The Agility Process Mapping tool is a highly efficient mapping tool used to provide clarity over ‘who does what when and where’

Mapping Processes has numerous benefits:

  • Alignment of business processes with organisational roles & responsibilities
  • Improves the visibility of accountability
  • Provides graphical representation of activities
  • Links to external repositories such as Documentum, Livelink or SharePoint
  • Integrates Risks, Controls and Compliance within the process