With the O&G market recognising that the low-cost model is the new norm, and that organisational restructuring has resulted in less resources covering the work of the many, BusinessPort invite you to a demonstration that will show how working smarter through Process Automation will save time, energy and reduce costs by removing inefficient work practises.

Come along for a coffee and see how the new Agility Workflow functionality compliments your ERP solution by providing a technique that Automates Process at a fraction of the excessive ERP cost and without the complexity as no code is required.

The inclusion of the powerful BPM Workflow tool to the Agility System provides the capability to deliver repeatable work routines that link actions, databases and programs exactly to your requirements, with comprehensive performance dashboard reporting aiding your decision making.

We welcome you to attend a practical demonstration on 22nd MAY  at 10am  - please see details below.


Lower Operating Costs  -   Standardisation  -   Consistency -   Maintaining Compliance

The Agility System manages People, Process, Documents & Risks and integration of a proven BPM tool with abilities to:


Automate process to maximise efficiency & improve performance

Remove costs of document handling, wasteful practises & duplicated activities

Create Mobile Apps for data gathering exercises for offshore / remote sites

Date: 22nd May

Time: 10 am -12 pm

Venue: 46 Queens Rd, Aberdeen, AB15 4YE


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