How will the Agility System support YOUR organisation?

Both global corporates and SMEs are now benefitting from reduced costs and improved Customer engagement by transforming the cumbersome legacy content through adoption of a Process-based approach.  The Agility System has been deployed in many different industry sectors, including but not limited to Energy, Construction, Engineering, Nuclear, Defence, De-Commissioning, Marine, Pharmaceutical, Transportation, Finance, Manufacturing, Oil & Gas, and Government and Service Industries.

How do we support these industries?  Some examples are provided below.



The Agility System supports onshore activities through the MOD’s Naval Dockyard partner to deliver clear and precise instructions to personnel on how operations are delivered and responsibilities met.

With Military Strength Document Management capability, all types of document are secure within our robust and proven management system.

By adopting the Process-based approach long before the mainstream take-up of this methodology, the UK’s Naval Bases were able to reduce the complexity of multiple systems and remove the high levels of duplication and waste to create a harmonised management system, accessible to all disciplines.



BusinessPort’s Agility System is recognised as a market leader in providing proven tools that deliver efficient processes, manage all documents, while minimising risk and reducing the complexity of compliance within this high-risk, safety critical sector.

Used by Siemens Rail & Logistics, their processes have been harmonised across the divisions to promote repeatable ‘best practise’ delivering operational high performance.


Oil & Gas

The Agility System is proven in an industry that delivers performance and governance to companies who operate in challenging environments to ensure the safety of their employees, maintaining regulatory compliance, and reducing risk from downhole drilling and laying subsea pipelines to production operations.

Safe, efficient operations while satisfying compliance demands will empower you to meet your performance targets in a controlled manner.



For those who work within the Finance industry,  the FCA’s introduction in June 2016 related to personal accountability has created a culture change in this sector.  The Senior Managers Regime focuses on mapping out individual responsibilities, with firms being legally required to maintain processes and procedures.

The Certification Regime advocates that procedures must be developed to ensure that staff are monitored and assessed annually.  The Conduct Rules necessitates that firms ensure their workforce is made fully aware of the conduct rules and how to maintain compliance.

For companies to comply with the new rules and in effect, the new culture, transparency over the individual responsibilities is a fundamental requirement.

the agility system approach

BusinessPort’s Agility System software is geared towards providing greater visibility of both organisational and operational activities.

With process mapping tools that can produce either a visual process map or an automated workflow, both of which drive compliance and minimise risk.

If you are struggling with Visio or Powerpoint to map your processes, the Agility System Process Mapping tool provides swim-lane maps quickly and effectively enabling automated reviews involve the right people to approve.

Our approach will:

  • reduce consultancy costs
  • provide an in-house manged system that reflects your methods of working
  • increase ownership and personal awareness
  • provide an auditable trial that verifies use of process

Controlling individual responsibilities through process that includes integrated risk and compliance simplifies the complexity of text documents and homemade flowcharts.

Senior Managers and all staff involved in the Certification Regime are provided with the highest level of visibility of their duties ensuring that the governance within the organisation is maintained at the highest possible level.