The Problem of Traditional Business Management Systems (BMS)

The sheer number of business management solutions(BMS) on the market targeted to specific organizational departments often results in companies implementing multiple, disparate solutions throughout the organization. There are quality management systems, governance, risk and compliance systems, process improvement systems, a whole array of acronyms and process workflows operating simultaneously and often at cross purposes. This state of affairs creates unnecessary organizational complexity, resulting in inefficiencies, compliance headaches and limited operational performance. In today’s competitive, fast-paced and demanding regulatory environment, your organization deserves a single comprehensive integrated management system that improves and aligns high level policies to both BMS process workflows and governance, risk and compliance.

The Agility System Process-Based Integrated Management System (IMS)

Inspired by a holistic philosophy on business, process, risk and compliance management, the Agility System process-based integrated management system (IMS) is designed with operational excellence as its target and process streamlining as its means. The Agility integrated management system replaces the complex, clumsy and inefficient practice of multiple management systems working independently, sequestered in their own department, with a truly integrated platform that uses process streamlining to ensure that compliance and risk management is attained as organisational efficiency is increased. With the Agility System, the efficiency of traditional management systems targeted to the QHSE managers is extended to your entire organization, reducing complexity and aligning individual roles and responsibilities with business processes.

Explore How the Agility System Streamlines Process and Compliance



Reflecting the organisation graphically through Business Models and End to End Process Overviews, the structure of the organisation is visible to all, meaning transparency never achieved previously. This structured approach provides a framework that drives values, methods, measures and expectations to ensure integrity in business delivery.



Now implemented within the Quality and Environmental standards, and proposed in the revised Health & Safety ISO 45001 standard, the powerful Risk function is managed within the overall Governance Framework.



The need to manage the vast range of compliance requirements can bring on a bureaucratic headache regardless of the standard or regulation.

The flexible compliance navigator is designed and linked to relevant documents and evidence of conformity.



The Agility System provides full Document Management functionality which is applicable for any size of company.  Automated workflow ensures documents are controlled from draft to final approval, providing transparency, ownership and auditability.



Trying to control change by spread-sheets, spider diagrams and Gantt charts can be both frustrating and risky!

Our Management of Change module controls all elements of a change in a logical and secure manner. We recognise the challenges you face when planning and executing change in your organisation, be it related to people, process or plant.