how does using agility assist the energy industry?

The Energy sector operates in hazardous working environments and experiences significant challenges; to maintain safety operations, maintain quality and ensure compliance obligations.


From upstream production to downstream refining to customer services, or capturing energy from natural resources, the Agility System drives asset performance to greater levels, clarifies individual responsibilities and achieve efficiencies within process that were never achieved before.  


The identification and mitigation of risk across the organisation in areas such as safety, quality risk, security, operations and commercial will lower costs.


  Simplifying the Management System by introducing digital Processes

  Replacing voluminous text procedures with simple Process Maps that clarify actions

   Making Multi-Standard Compliance easier to manage

   Greater transparency of Operational Processes that are leaner and deliver greater levels of efficiency

   Individual responsibilities are more visible within the workforce resulting in increased production levels

   Centralised processes encourages harmonisation of work routines to drive best practise and remove duplication



Agility Systems stood out as it was one of the few companies with a visual process mapping tool at its heart, veering away from the old text based procedures.  Business Architects undertook a gap analysis to identify and develop the necessary controls for TEP UK as well as harmonising and rationalising the existing processes within Elf Oil UK and Fina."

Company management system coordinator for Total E&P