how does using agility assist the defence industry?

The Agility System supports onshore activities through the MOD’s Naval Dockyard partner to deliver clear and precise instructions to personnel on how operations are delivered and responsibilities met.

With Military Strength Document Management capability, all types of document are secure within our robust and proven management system.

By adopting the Process-based approach long before the mainstream take-up of this methodology, the UK’s Naval Bases were able to reduce the complexity of multiple systems and remove the high levels of duplication and waste to create a harmonised management system, accessible to all disciplines.


  Identification and Mitigation of Risk integrated within Process

  Greater visibility of Rail Transportation standards and regulation

   Easy to understand processes simplify work instructions


“Babcock in Rosyth has worked closely with Agility Systems for over a decade now. In that time the company has helped Babcock grow into what is now a FTSE 100 organisation. Recent benchmarking facilitated by our IT function of the global management system provision market has confirmed that Agility is a class leading solution.”

Babcock Quality Manager