Does your visual process mapping integrate Compliance Management?

Agility Systems Compliance Manager

The Agility Systems Compliance Manager provides an overview of the compliance demands required and by integrating with the Roles & Responsibilities, provides clear and unambiguous guidance to employees as to ‘who, does what, where and when’ within the system to aid understanding.


Simplify the Complex

Having a highly visual, centralised view of Compliance simplifies the complexity of multi-standard Compliance and supports overall corporate Governance to the organisation.

The Agility System provides alignment from each standard, rule or regulation to the process, verifying record and the responsible person providing clarity of unambiguous instruction.


Standards & Regulations

Regardless of the standard, policy or regulation, the documents that are nominated to comply with each element is detailed in addition to informing the individual who has responsibilities to ensure Compliance is crystal clear.

Managing the complex framework of multiple Compliance demands requires greater levels of transparency to ensure individuals understand their responsibilities.


Compliance Manager

The Compliance Manager provides a powerful but easy to use module that delivers significant advantages and cost benefits over traditional systems while ensuring the highest level of visibility is provided across the organisation.

The Compliance Framework removes the management hassle while making the auditors job more focused on the audit scope.  The boundary lines are clear, concise and highly visible.