the sum of the parts



Agility is now offered with optional additional modules, as follows:

  • Audit / Corrective Action
  • Non Conformance Reporting
  • Training & Competency Management
  • Incident Management - Controlling Incident/Accident/Near Miss Reporting Investigation & Action Tracking
  • Supplier & Customer Management
  • Asset Management
  • Workplace RAMS (HAZOPS)
  • Activity Management
  • Management of Change


Ability to schedule, perform, report, track and react to non-conformances within your operations, assign corrective and preventative actions to eliminate inefficiencies, mitigate risk and increase customer satisfaction with access anywhere, anytime using tablet & smartphones.

The powerful Workflow engine manages the full end to end Audit Process from Planning, Execution, Reporting, Corrective Action to close out and Performance Reporting.

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Non-Conformances can be issued where there is an uncontrolled deviation to specification, process, product or service and can be rectified by the issuing of a Corrective Action. NCR’s can be identified from external or internal audit, customer complaint, and / or material inspection during normal testing.

This module provides the recording of the Non-Conformance, issuing to the responsible parties, acceptance of Corrective Action, Close Out and analysis for trending via a Performance Dashboard.




This module helps the organisation capture employee competency assessments, identify gaps, assign people with the right competencies to projects and create competency-based learning programs in line with business strategy. As with all Agility’s modules, specific tailoring to reflect your exact process takes hours, not days as with other systems.




Designed to provide complete visibility and reporting ability against all incidents and accidents and near misses that occur within the organisation, allowing you to easily identify trends and proactively mitigate against re-occurrence.

Reported incidents will automatically generate notifications by e-mail or text to relevant managers with a tailored pick list allowing the specification of injury causes and effects, accident types and accident reporting class.

  • Effective accident and incident management reports to reduce incidents costs, claims and disruption
  • Reduce costs of information gathering using mobile technology
  • Report incident/accident/near miss via an automated process guiding  users through each stage
  • Evaluate and compare incident data
  • Improve action tracking and incident prevention
  • Deliver instant and automatic reporting via mobile apps ( tablets & smart phones)
  • Receive instant information of organisation wide incidents via tailored dashboards





Providing immediate access to supplier and customer information allowing you to make decisions based on real-time data.

Proactively engage suppliers for non-conformance to improve product quality and increase customer satisfaction. Track vendor performance and supplier relationship management to evaluate vendor performance to decide who to award additional business, while proactively minimizing the risk of financial, geographic, political, and operational disruptions.





Providing the ability to manage the full life-cycle of your assets, equipment and calibration gauges

Prolong the life of existing assets to minimise maintenance costs

Reduce on-site failure and risk, and improve health and safety

Ensure your assets comply with various industry regulations and legislative requirements

Improve tracking of repairs eligible for warranty claims

This module will increase the visibility of your assets and help transform your company’s approach to equipment, inventory, procurement and maintenance.



A work Method Statement sometimes called a ‘Safe System of Work’, details the way a work task or process is to be completed.

The Method Statement outlines the hazards involved and utilises a step by step guide on how to do the job safely. It will also detail which ‘control measures’ are to be introduced to ensure the safety of everyone who is affected by the task or work process.





The process of creating, delegating and tracking the progress of multiple tasks to completion.  Action Activities across all modules of Agility System are integrated into this module, also operating as a stand-alone action tracking register. With actions gathered from all the modules, each is tracked through to completion with notifications being sent by email and SMS text message and an escalation process based on priority and actions required.

  • Record and assign actions to responsible person to action
  • Automatic notifications to escalates actions
  • Create actions from multiple sources e.g. Audit, Risk, NCR, Corrective Actions, Training Actions



Making decisions in a constantly changing business environment can be challenging and increases risk. Whether you are changing the direction of the organisation, replacing equipment, IT systems or a key person in your operations,  AgilityMOC enables you to manage your changes efficiently and successfully and will benefit your organisation greatly by allowing you to:

  • Standardise and centralise the change process across your organisation
  • Make more informed decisions
  • Set more achievable timescales and budgets
  • Recognise, mitigate and control the risk inherent in changes
  • Integrate governance, compliance and accountability into your change process
  • Control and minimise the cost of change
  • Report KPI Dashboards
  • Automate Workflow

Identify the processes, roles, people and documents that will be impacted by the change.  Raise actions and assign owners and reviewers for each action and track the progress/status of changes across the organisation in a coordinated manner.

Centralised control of all activities related to Management of Change will reduce confusion using a fragmented approach while realising the efficiency of adopting a common process across the organisation.

Control the end to end Process by capturing expected duration, allocate coordinators, owners and reviewers and set target close out dates.