Simplifying GDPR Compliance


Simplifying Data Protection

With the experience of 22 years, BusinessPort has been providing compliance solutions for large organisations and SME’s, the Agility software, now in its 4th generation, simplifies the administration of GDPR and provides a clear auditable record of activities.

With automated processes to remove paper handling, visual maps to guide Data Controllers and supported by robust, proven Document Management, the user-friendly platform is simple to administer yet powerful enough to easily manage all compliance requirements (ISO 45001 / 14001 / 9001 etc)


Do you know what data you have?

A unique mapping template to record personal data elements and their relationship to key attributes required for ongoing support.



Manage control of access

Automated workflow to support the right to access stored data by an individual.

More Cleverness... Less Muscle

Managing GDPR on a daily basis once the consultants leave the building or when the project team disbands can prove time-consuming and expensive.

Many companies have not considered the internal resources required to maintain the regulation which includes updating spreadsheets, managing emails  and requests answered within agreed timeframes, and of course existing staff have their daily responsibilities to attend to.

Removing the Paper Hassle

To reduce paper handling and ease the burden of manual transactions, the Agility GDPR software has been specially designed by experienced compliance and Data Protection professionals to ensure all actions are centrally controlled within the one system. Processes can be tailored to map, visualise and manage the processing of personal data efficiently with the performance dashboard providing information on-demand.


What happens when something goes wrong?

Access to current and correct data to allow reporting and investigation of any breach in the process.


What is at risk?


Authorised templates to assess potential risk and demonstrate compliance.

Confidence in Ongoing Compliance

Importantly the Agility software provides the assurance that GDPR regulations are constantly being met. The structure of the Process Maps removes any complexity by clarifying individual responsibilities for the Data Controllers, Data Processors and users.

This transparency simplifies the full end to end process and supports corporate governance. To remain compliant with GDPR, it is necessary that all personnel within the organisation remain fully compliant with the laws of Data Protection.   

The system provides the ability to easily maintain compliance of GDPR requirements.

We take the strain... Web-based managed software

The system is hosted within a reputable specialist data centre and our training is web-based for simplicity and speed of deployment. Ongoing support is provided by a suite of videos on system functionality.

The Benefits


-  Centralised Control of all GDPR actions

- Simplifying the ongoing management

- Automated workflow ensures actions are closed-out

- Performance is measured within KPI dashboards

- Process transparency increases awareness of responsibilities

- Full auditability

- System can be used for multi-standard compliance (ISO 45001 / 14001 / 9001)

centralised control of all gdpr activities

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Peter Shields, MD

“It’s a fact, we help organisations transform from the traditional format of text documents & flat Visio maps into a Business Management System that provides digitised Process to improve Operational Performance & maintain Compliance.  If you are looking to comply with the new data protection standard, GDPR, we welcome your contact.  All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.”