How can the Agility System help you?

Companies who wish to transform their document-heavy Management Systems into a digital, Process-based model will find the Agility System to be the ideal platform by being flexible, intuitive and efficient.




Operational Transparency: 

Creating a graphical interface that represents your Operational and Delivery models and mapping your processes using a swim-lane format helps guide the workforce to the correct instruction. Ideal for managing Compliance, Auditing and Governance activities.



Quick to Build Process Maps:

Designing Business Models, Process Overviews and Swim-Lane Process Maps (possibly the fastest on the market) allows you to develop a management system framework in days.




Return on Investment:

Achieving an ROI with a traditional Management System is almost the `impossible dream`. Increasing visibility of process activities helps you remove inefficient practises and identify duplication while providing focus on both Risk and Compliance.



Improving Process Performance:

While Swim-Lane Process identifies `who, does what, where & when`, our Workflow tool can automate selected, high value Processes to maximise performance while reducing resource time. Real-time dashboards highlight performance to assist in decision-making.




Highlighting Responsibilities:  

The Management System will function better when all personnel understand their role and responsibilities. The Agility System clarifies this with every employee to ensure they fully understand their involvement with Process, Risks and Compliance.

Sectoral consept consept : Businessman touching the screen about sectoral consept

why we are unique

The Agility System has been successfully deployed in heavily legislated and safety critical industries such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Energy, Defence, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Transport.

Unique & Comprehensive: Over 200,000 users worldwide within large organisations to SME’s recognise the unique combination of Compliance and Process Performance provides one source of information.

Workflow & QHSE Modules: We can provide a suite of QHSE Modules, tailored to client needs and with our Agility Workflow, processes can be fully automated.

Collaboration in Action:  With our dedicated Support Portal, queries & system improvements are transparent to clients.

Client Feedback Sessions: We encourage innovation and bright ideas. Feedback sessions are run to encourage suggestions to improve the software.

We know that the client contributions are essential in driving technology led improvement forward to deliver sustainable system improvement.

Peter Shields, MD

“It’s a fact, we help organisations transform from the traditional format of text documents & flat Visio maps into a Business Management System that provides digitised Process to improve Operational Performance & maintain Compliance.  All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.”