More organisations are making their business processes leaner and more efficient to address shareholder expectations of increased performance, managing risk while maintaining regulatory compliance.

Many companies large and SME are now benefiting from reduced costs and improved Customer engagement removing the cumbersome legacy content within management systems.

To address this industry-wide problem, and noticing that current software vendors either focus on compliance or performance, the Agility System provides a holistic model that improves performance with governance.

We work with like-minded organisations to help increase their operational performance and by constantly creating new innovative features to the Agility System, we can deliver sustainable process improvement over the longer term to add significant value.

Business Today

Today’s business operating environment has never been more challenging; spiralling volumes of data, more risk and greater regulation across all industrial sectors, (ISO, API, SOX etc.) with increased competitive pressures and transient employees. If you are struggling under the weight of the traditional approach, we are worth talking to because we provide advice based on experience, `know-how` and best practice.

What Makes the Agility System Unique?

The Agility System has been successfully deployed in industries that are heavily legislated and safety critical such as Nuclear, Oil & Gas, Energy, Defence, Manufacturing, Construction, Engineering and Transport to hundreds of thousands of users worldwide ranging from large corporates to SME’s.

Many of our competitors offer `module based systems` that are aimed specifically to the Quality/QHSE Manager. Other than providing a Document Manager for text documents, few systems focus on providing the workforce with information on work practises in a process-centric manner.

Peter Shields, MD

“It’s a fact, we help organisations transform from the traditional format of text documents & flat Visio maps into a Business Management System that provides digitised Process to improve Operational Performance & maintain Compliance.  

All it takes is a 30 minute overview by web demo, please contact us.”