Product Overview

BusinessPort’s AgilityBMS is a comprehensive Business Management System that connectsfunctions, systems and peopleto provide an integrated solution to ensure the workforce perform their work routines efficiently and safely through consistent, repeatable best practice process management.
This approach significantly improves transparency across the organisation, identifies “who does what, where and when” while controlling risks and maintaining compliance with all relevant standards and regulations.
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Roles &
Integrated Through Process Management

Roles & Responsibilities

AgilityBMS includes a powerful application to define roles and responsibilities and links individuals to roles, processes and specific actions. This ensures that individuals are aware of their exact responsibilities and increases ownership, responsibility and accountability. With over 70% of business processes relying on human interaction and decision-making, ensuring all personnel, work floor or management, understand their individual responsibilities and have access to the information they need, when and where they need it will create a safer and more efficient business environment.

AgilityBMS People Management key features:

  • Links primary and secondary roles to individuals
  • Links roles and individuals to process activities
  • Defines roles in swim lanes within process maps to clarify collaboration and management
  • Define competencies for roles and review against individuals to ensure appropriate experience and training
  • Develop reporting structures to improve communication and management
  • Link relevant documents, such as job descriptions and competency matrices, to individuals to support oversight and safety
  • Automatically advise individuals of relevant process maps and document revisions to ensure personnel to know what they need to do for their job and how to do it safely and efficiently
  • Define groups of roles and people to increase collaboration and information sharing
  • Subscribe documents and processes to roles and individuals with traceable evidence that they have been read and understood


The AgilityBMS Compliance application is designed to enable organizations to prove, beyond doubt, to regulators, auditors and board members that current statutory compliance and internal operating best practices are accurately deployed, communicated and implemented. AgillityBMS offers a flexible compliance management solution that can be tailored to define and management all regulatory requirements, no matter how complex. The unique integration of process with roles and responsibilities, enables AgilityBMS to ensure all personnel are accountable of achieving compliance, whether SOX, environment regulation, ISO standards or IADC guidelines.

The AgilityBMS Compliance Manager identifies the requirements of each standard and linked together all relevant information, actions and individuals to ensure these are met, including:

  • Control documents
  • Policy documents
  • Process maps
  • Procedures and any other standard-specific information or documentary requirements

Risk Control

The AgilityBMS Risk Management application is a powerful tool that clearly visualizes where risks arise within a business process and what information, steps and/or decisions are requirement to mitigate the risk. This ensures risks are managed topically, timely and effectively as part of each business process.  AgilityBMS Risk Management features:

  • Identify and manage individual risks and hazards with appropriate controls to ensure effective and consistent action to mitigate error
  • Align risks within the process stages and assign ownership to increase responsibility and accountability
  • Easy navigation to relevant risk information and actions to be taken
  • Risk document “read” flags require personnel to acknowledge they have read and understood updated risk information
  • Job Safety Assessment report generation to aid personnel to do their jobs safely and efficiently
  • Risk Matrix development highlights critical business process areas to increase attention

Document Control

AgilityBMS Document Management applications offers a highly flexibility solution for information management with the essential ability of aligning documents within the business management system.The integration ofsupporting documents, such as policy statements, job descriptions, forms, compliance
statements, risk assessments and other information, within a business process makes it accessible exactly where and when it’s most relevant and by the people who need to know.

AgilityBMS offers a range powerful document management features but can also fully-integrate with existing and legacy document solutions, such as SharePoint, Documentum, Livelink or other URL linked repositories, providing ease of transition while increasing the purposing of the data.

AgilityBMS Document Management key features:

  • Supporting documents aligned specifically to relevant activities
  • Document workflow management from draft to final approval increases transparency and ownership
  • Document task actions generated and allocated to maintain momentum, avoid bottlenecks and ensure smooth and efficiency sign-off
  • Complete revision control and document history
  • Review dates and owners assignment to maintain document relevancy and accuracy
  • Feedback function increases employee involvement and promotes continuous improvement to optimize the validity and usability of documents
  • Access documents held within other systems no minimize duplication
  • Full document reporting functions with Microsoft Excel and PDF export
  • Comprehensive document and document content facility

Process Management

AgilityBMS’ process mapping and visualization tool is second to none. No matter the number or complexity of business processes, AgilityBMS help you quickly, easily and effectively create clear process maps that identify who does what and when while highlighting important information and risk factors to maximize decision-making, collaboration and accountability. AgilityBMS key features:

  • Easy to create and use visual process maps
  • Individual responsibility assignment to increase accountability
  • Swim-lane visualisation to improve collaboration
  • RACI indicators to ensure full comprehensive process engagement
  • Process review date assignment to preserve process integrity and ensure feedback is managed
  • Corporate wide views of the core business processes to improve organisational transparency
  • Document linking to appropriate process activity to improve knowledge and decision-making
  • Risks and hazards align with specific activity to increase compliance